Maximo Moorings is a pet friendly neighborhood! We LOVE our pets. Not very often, but sometimes, our pets may irritate our neighbors. This little article addresses a remedy for excessive and continued barking.

Note this is a County ordinance and not a City ordinance.

Pinellas County responds to barking complaints more than any other public nuisance issue. Their procedure is to alert and educate the pet owner that neighbors are disturbed by their dog(s) barking, and ask the owner to stop the disturbance.

If neighbors continue to experience discomfort from the barking, Animal Services can issue a $143 citation based upon at least two signed verified barking dog affidavits for the same incident from unrelated people living in separate dwellings from the surrounding area. Citizens that sign these statements must be willing to appear in court to testify if the citation is contested.

For the official barking ordinance, affidavit and more information go to:

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