An e-mail sent to us from Lee Hicks to share with our residents of Maximo Moorings.


I just want to clear up some rumors.

The canal that runs to Maximo Marina is wholly owned by the marina ownership group. As I understand it, it was dredged to have access to the marina. Currently Maximo needs to approve all docks that are on the canal either for new construction or additions and major repairs.

Usually a dock contractor brings me a drawing and consent form, I sign it and keep as a record. I don’t think we will have any problems with this continuing.

Some of the criteria we look at are;

Length – We are no longer approving docks longer that 40’ into the channel. The existing docks that are longer than that can stay. However, the property owner on the opposite side of the canal will have to limit their dock so as not to exceed a total of 80’ total length for both docks.

Width – As long as the docks meet the length requirement, the width is a matter between the property owners.

The reasons for these measures are that over the years, boar builders have been making boats beamier (Wider). We commissioned a hydro study recently for depths and have found that the channel cannot support 2 boats crossing without the length requirements listed above.

Also I have heard (rumors) that Maximo Marina is going to start charging for the use of docks/ I do know that in some communities where this is the case, the owners do charge an annual fee and if the docks are on State or Federal bottom lands an annual CZM (coastal zone management) fees have to be paid.

Maximo marina has never charged for the use in the past and I have not been told otherwise that policy will change. I cannot say if this will ever change, but again, it has not even been discussed, as far as I know. Enjoy your docks.

I also heard that Maximo Marina is closing 37th St. in front of the marina. Wow, how do these things get started? That is a county road and only the county could make that decision, and of course they would have to involve all the communities it touches. We have not requested any changes to 37th St.


Lee Hicks
General Manager
Maximo Marina
4801 37th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
Phone: (727) 867-1102
Fax: (727) 867-8087

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