Hi Maximo Moorings neighbors! As we wind down the calendar year, we’re actually only about half way
through our annual membership drive. I am so pleased that ~50% of our Maximo households are members of
our Civic Association. This is a 6% increase from last year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! While I know 100%
membership is unrealistic, my goal is to continue to grow membership.

Are you one of our neighbors that simply forgot to send in your membership fee, or perhaps you’re not sure?
If so, this article is FOR YOU! So what category do you fall in?

1. Paid Member?  Thank you!
2. Don’t know if you’ve paid?  Drop me an email and I’ll look it up ( treasurer@maximo-moorings.com )
3. Not yet paid?  You can pay online via this website or mail your check to:

Maximo Moorings Civic Association
4905 34th Street South Box 207
Saint Petersburg, FL 33711

Becoming a member of your Maximo Moorings Civic Association at a mere $30 a year, enables continued
improvements in YOUR community. So where does your annual membership fee go? It covers a variety of
initiatives that contribute to beautifying our surroundings and bringing us together as a community. Expenses include things such as:

  • Lawn Maintenance (mowing, treatment)
  • Printing (our quarterly beacons and annual directory) and Postage
  • Landscaping (flowers, mulch and more mulch)
  • Replacement of the Flag in Fuller Circle every four to six months
  • Electricity to light our entrances and flag
  • Repair and upkeep for things that are damaged such as lights, sprinklers
  • Advertising (garage sale, annual meeting)
  • Community events (Fall Fest, Annual Meeting, December Hay Ride)

Do you have ideas on how your Civic Association can improve our neighborhood? We’d love to hear from you!

Send an email to treasurer@maximo-moorings.com

Thank you for your support!

Best wishes!
Susan Russo, Treasurer

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