City Hall – Integrated Sustainability Action Plan (ISAP)

Hello St Pete Burgers:

On Monday, November 21st at 3 pm the St Pete City Council will have a very important vote to put the City of St Petersburg on an action path to 100% Clean Energy, to be a 5 STAR community and to put action into the Mayor’s Executive Order on Sustainability.  These all come together in the Integrated Sustainability Action Plan (ISAP) and we need your help to ensure a strong YES vote.  Now more than ever, local Cities need to lead the Clean Energy and Sustainability movements – cities like St. Petersburg!

Please consider coming to speak in support of the ISAP, if you can not attend, please write or email the St Pete City Council members.

There are 3 intertwined resolution votes that will take place on November 21.  We believe resiliency and energy efficiency will pass unanimously, we need to get the ISAP there too!

  • $250,000 towards the ISAP
  • $300,000 towards a matching Pinellas County amount on Resiliency Study
  • $250,000 towards Energy Efficiency analysis, retrofits and upgrades

Attached is a sample letter with various subjects you can pick from on why should vote Yes on the ISAP, be careful not to duplicate sentences if you pick more than one subject.  As always, we encourage you to write in your own words, from your heart.  Please share with all your St Pete Burger friends, allies and acquantainces!   Also attached a recap of what the ISAP is and will do.

Thank you for all your help.  Save the Date – Friday, December 9th from 7 – 11 PM – we are having a celebration – here locally – due to all of your efforts – we can celebrate!



A Farewell from “The Mailman”

April 20, 2016

To all my customers, my friends, in Maximo Moorings;

I will be retiring June, 30, 2016. I want to thank you for making the past 10 years so enjoyable. I have been fortunate to share in your lives; marriage, children, watching these children grow, move-ins, move-outs, and sadly, many friends passing. I have walked more miles in the best and worst of weather than I care to think about, but always knew you were looking out for me.

I am excited about the plans my wife and I are making. We will both be volunteering at the C. W. “Bill” Young VA Hospital (Bay Pines). Participating in activities at the American Legion, Post 273 (Madiera Beach). We also look forward to joining the Big Brother/Big Sister program. Along with some traveling and beach walking, we will try to fit in some relaxation.

So as I say good-bye over the next few weeks I want you to know, I will miss you and I will always cherish your friendship. I hope to run into you sometime around town or on the beach, and who knows, I may just show up at one of your wonderful community functions.


Gordon Eaves, AKA, “The Mailman”