Maximo Marina: May Update

May 2016 update received by the Maximo Management Team with Maximo Marina.

The letter reads:

Well, it is getting that time again, Summer, which means Hurricane season. I have been test running my generator at home and have gotten a few 5 gal gas containers filled. I would encourage all our slip and dry stack guest to start preparing for what ‘may’ happen. I know this area has been very lucky over the last few years, but being a 3rd generation Florida native and with 10 years in the Caribbean, I have seen the worst of Hurricanes.

This should be the last hurricane season at Maximo with the existing structures, whew!! Speaking of that, we have been approved for all our permits, no small feat, and either have them in our hands or they are on the way. Thank you, Chris Ahern, who is the Project Development Manager here on site and will be heading up the entire process through completion. Chris works for a sister company of IGY called Applied Technology Management (ATM) and even though living in Tampa and also being a Florida native, Go Gators, Chris has been involved in several of our major projects, including Dubai, you know that thing they built in the ocean called ‘Palm Island’. After looking at the condition of Maximo, we knew we needed the ‘Big Guns’.

Chris has informed Joey and myself that his intention is to start the phasing with the Fuel dock the Southeast wall area and possibly Sailfish dock. The demolition is still scheduled to start in September, however the Contractors may start staging in August. As soon as we get conformation as to which parking areas, utilities, dredging, and other area affected, we will get the word out.

Again, a gentle reminder, that during dredging, there will be a sulfur order associated with the process. We are working very closely with the dredging co. and the City to minimize this.

Maximo wants to think the organizers of the May Day Races at Ceridian for allowing us to volunteer. Over 500 runners that day, and they raised a good amount for Charity.

Maximo has also adopted the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, and anyone who likes Pelicans as much as Maximo Marina will understand why. We have set up a product donation box in the office for this volunteer organization, but would also like to ask for help on Saturday, June 11th. We will be leaving here at 8:00am and heading to the Sanctuary to do some landscaping, pressure washing and painting. Then we will be heading back to Maximo at 3:00pm for a Bar-B- Que party to thank all the volunteers. Maximo will provide the transportation, T-Shirts and supplies, and after party food and sodas, we just need your labor.

Be Safe,

Maximo management team

Publix, Burger King, New Signs.. What’s Next?

Lately, in our area, we have seen Burger King transform to a modern beauty along with a complete overhaul in service as well.  During that demo and re-build, Publix was also being leveled to flat land.  Truly, an oddt sight o see!  Now, construction is moving at an expedited pace – 20ft+ concrete block walls are already up with workers there during extended hours.

Our new Skyway Marina District signs have been installed, 3 of them to be exact. Locations are southeast entrance of 34th street south, southwest entrance of 54th avenue south, and northwest entrance of 34th street just before 30th avenue south in front of Ceridian building.  They are absolutely beautiful!

Next project, as we are told by reliable sources, will be Wendy’s.  They are planning a full demo and re-construction.  So, look out for it!

Note: We will keep this article updated as we gain new information.

A Farewell from “The Mailman”

April 20, 2016

To all my customers, my friends, in Maximo Moorings;

I will be retiring June, 30, 2016. I want to thank you for making the past 10 years so enjoyable. I have been fortunate to share in your lives; marriage, children, watching these children grow, move-ins, move-outs, and sadly, many friends passing. I have walked more miles in the best and worst of weather than I care to think about, but always knew you were looking out for me.

I am excited about the plans my wife and I are making. We will both be volunteering at the C. W. “Bill” Young VA Hospital (Bay Pines). Participating in activities at the American Legion, Post 273 (Madiera Beach). We also look forward to joining the Big Brother/Big Sister program. Along with some traveling and beach walking, we will try to fit in some relaxation.

So as I say good-bye over the next few weeks I want you to know, I will miss you and I will always cherish your friendship. I hope to run into you sometime around town or on the beach, and who knows, I may just show up at one of your wonderful community functions.


Gordon Eaves, AKA, “The Mailman”