2017 May Day Race: Volunteers Needed

The race has directly benefited five of our neighborhood schools: Maximo Elementary, Bay Point Elementary, Bay Point Middle, Lakewood Elementary, as well as the Lakewood High School Band.

Currently, we are focused on building our volunteer pool. Every successful race depends on a healthy volunteer workforce. Our goal is to have every neighborhood from the Skyway Marina District on south involved in this event.

If interested, please e-mail sjsimms1@gmail.com

Pinellas County Barking Ordinance

Maximo Moorings is a pet friendly neighborhood! We LOVE our pets. Not very often, but sometimes, our pets may irritate our neighbors. This little article addresses a remedy for excessive and continued barking.

Note this is a County ordinance and not a City ordinance.

Pinellas County responds to barking complaints more than any other public nuisance issue. Their procedure is to alert and educate the pet owner that neighbors are disturbed by their dog(s) barking, and ask the owner to stop the disturbance.

If neighbors continue to experience discomfort from the barking, Animal Services can issue a $143 citation based upon at least two signed verified barking dog affidavits for the same incident from unrelated people living in separate dwellings from the surrounding area. Citizens that sign these statements must be willing to appear in court to testify if the citation is contested.

For the official barking ordinance, affidavit and more information go to:


Sewer Symposium – Public Forum Meetings

CONTACT: Bill Logan – Public Works Communications (727) 893-7250 or bill.logan@stpete.org



SEWER SYMPOSIUM: A Public Forum on the Proposed Consent Order and Wastewater Project Implementation

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (February 24, 2017) – In the continuing effort to keep citizens informed of the important infrastructure improvements ongoing in the city — and update stakeholders on the proposed Consent Order from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection — two public meetings will be held over the next several weeks.

The first meeting, scheduled for Monday, February 27 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Lake Vista Recreation Center, 1401 62nd Ave. S., will feature presentations from city staff and consultants on the work that is already underway to increase capacity and reliability of the St. Petersburg wastewater system. Attendees will also hear how the proposed Consent Order from DEP will increase accountability and oversight of the myriad projects that are planned over the next several years. The second meeting, Wednesday, March 15 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Azalea Recreation Center, 1600 72nd St. N., will highlight the same information.

Citizens are encouraged to come with ideas and inspiration on how the city can effectively move forward through this sewage situation and emerge with a more robust and environmentally secure future. There will be a time allotted for one-on-one discussions with leadership on hand and also a forum for suggestions to be “even better” down the road.

It is hoped that these meetings will feature a frank and honest discussion of how we can ALL be a part of the solution.

For further information:
727 893-7465 voice
727 892-5372 FAX

City Hall – Integrated Sustainability Action Plan (ISAP)

Hello St Pete Burgers:

On Monday, November 21st at 3 pm the St Pete City Council will have a very important vote to put the City of St Petersburg on an action path to 100% Clean Energy, to be a 5 STAR community and to put action into the Mayor’s Executive Order on Sustainability.  These all come together in the Integrated Sustainability Action Plan (ISAP) and we need your help to ensure a strong YES vote.  Now more than ever, local Cities need to lead the Clean Energy and Sustainability movements – cities like St. Petersburg!

Please consider coming to speak in support of the ISAP, if you can not attend, please write or email the St Pete City Council members.

There are 3 intertwined resolution votes that will take place on November 21.  We believe resiliency and energy efficiency will pass unanimously, we need to get the ISAP there too!

  • $250,000 towards the ISAP
  • $300,000 towards a matching Pinellas County amount on Resiliency Study
  • $250,000 towards Energy Efficiency analysis, retrofits and upgrades

Attached is a sample letter with various subjects you can pick from on why should vote Yes on the ISAP, be careful not to duplicate sentences if you pick more than one subject.  As always, we encourage you to write in your own words, from your heart.  Please share with all your St Pete Burger friends, allies and acquantainces!   Also attached a recap of what the ISAP is and will do.

Thank you for all your help.  Save the Date – Friday, December 9th from 7 – 11 PM – we are having a celebration – here locally – due to all of your efforts – we can celebrate!



City Town Hall on Sewer Issues

As is well known in the Tampa Bay area, and to some extent on a nation basis, St. Petersburg has had substantial problems with sewer system overflows.

The City of St. Petersburg has developed a plan that addresses the problem and gives priority to providing necessary funding.  The Mayor’s plan includes $45 million of immediate funding and the expectation that $304 million will be spent over the next five-plus years to get the overall system where it needs to be.

Claude Tankersley, Public Works Administrator will conduct a Town Hall on this matter on December 6th, 2016.  All residents are invted to hear about the sewer system plans on:

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
2:00PM at Isla Del Sol Y&CC


See you there!